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Model Trust Funds

The Circuit has Model Trust Fund monies that it uses to support and further the mission and outreach of our church communities.

Currently there are three grant aid sources which individuals and churches can apply for:

  • Model Trust Fund — Main Grants
  • Model Trust Fund — Small Grants (under £500)
  • Learning and Development Grants
    Please see application forms for criteria.

    Applications for Model Trust Fund — Main Grants are accepted at anytime during the year but will only be considered for the missional aspects of the project at 4 MVT meetings per year, prior to a recommendation being made to the next Circuit Meeting by the Finance and Grants Group, depending on the funds available for grants.

    Closing Dates for Main Grants Applications:
    20th August 2018 for consideration at MVT on 4th September 2018
    5th November 2018 for consideration at MVT on 19th November 2018
    18th February 2019 for consideration at MVT on 5th March 2019
    20th May 2019 for consideration at MVT on 4th June 2019
    Applications received after the closing dates will be held over to the next MVT grants meeting.

    Applications for Small Grants and Learning and Development Grants are accepted any time during the year and will be considered by representatives from MVT.

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