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Learning & Discipleship


Learning and developing ourselves, our churches, circuits and district are vital and intrinsic aspect of being active people of God.
The opportunities outlined on these pages are indicative of a wide range of workshops, courses and programmes available to us. They are not exhaustive.
This information is stored and kept up-to-date on the Sheffield Methodist District website, below are useful links to the relevant sections.

Training and development for supporting and becoming effective Churches and Circuit

Click here to view opportunities to equip individuals, churches and circuits to develop knowledge and understanding about operating effectively and efficiently. There are also activities and courses, which challenge us to think about what it means to be churches and circuits, in the contemporary world.

Exploring Christianity – Introductory Resources

Click here for information on resources and activities. These activities are aimed at helping people to explore faith whether they are none or regular church-goers.

Support and Development for Presbyters and Deacons

Click here for an outline of some of the opportunities available to help presbyters and deacons to develop in their role as well as feel supported in their work.

Children and Young People's work

Click here for more information. Whilst there are many professional qualifications and courses which equip people to work with children and young people, here you will find some opportunities and activities which are specifically designed for working with them in church contexts.

Small Groups and Deepening Discipleship

Click here for a list of some learning and development activities, which are designed, often via small group work, to challenge and deepen faith, spirituality and discipleship.

Local Preachers and Worship Leaders

An active preaching and worship network has developed in the District over recent years. It aims to support not only local preachers and worship leaders but ministers too, along with co-ordinators and tutors, to offer developmental opportunities of exploring and organising vibrant worship and preaching. Click here for more information.

Being Disciples in a Wider World

Click here for a list of some of the learning opportunities, which can equip us to reach out to more and different people, in diverse contexts, both locally and globally.

Learning and Development Group

The Learning and Development Group exists to co-ordinate information about training and development opportunities within and beyond our District, in order to help build learning churches and circuits. It also seeks to stimulate new opportunities and, where necessary, organise and offer workshops and courses. Click here to find out more.

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