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Healing, Wholeness & Spirituality


"Healing, Wholeness and Spirituality" is a bit of a mouthful if I'm honest.
It doesn't really say what we're about. And, as others have pointed out, it feels like at least 2 'things' in one.

So, not surprisingly, we're running with 2 strands:
i) Spirituality
ii) Health, healing, chaplaincy ........ (still a right old mixture!)

i) Spirituality
So far we've started a mapping exercise of all those places and people in the circuit offering a specific spirituality focus. Watch out for details of taster sessions to sample what's on offer.

Is there a specific spirituality focus in your church or in a church of another denomination in your neighbourhood? Is there a special time to gather? Do let us know!

You will find on the circuit website details of Spiritual Accompaniment / Direction. Please have a look and consider engaging in this increasingly popular spiritual focus.

ii) Health, healing, chaplaincy ........
So far we've tried to discern where people in our churches have an interest / concern in mental health issues and/or dementia. We have potential training opportunities up our sleeve if requested.

Our knowledge about what's happening in churches and about who's interested in what is very restricted because we are a small group. Do let us know!

You will know from elsewhere about the Chaplaincy Everywhere project in the Sheffield District. We liaise with the connexional officer, Jonathan Green, in promoting this in the circuit and will continue to do so when Jonathan's time with us is over.

How does the MAG operate?
Currently we have a meeting every 3 months for the "Health, healing and chaplaincy" strand.

We seek to signpost people for the "Spirituality" strand and to encourage and support those of our number who are engaged in this area of work. Much of our work will be done by phone, email etc.
You may be interested in Whirlow Spirituality Centre's website:
In the forthcoming programme at Whirlow Grange I strongly recommend the Living Spirituality series which will introduce you to some of the types of spirituality (eg celtic spirituality) which you may have heard of but don't know much about.

If you would like to go to any of their events but don't fancy going on your own, do give me a ring and we can help introduce you to the place.

Judith Jessop

Contact details for this MAG:
Judith Jessop: 0114 2313518

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