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Who are we?
One of the 4 Mission Action Groups tasked with implementing the circuit's mission policy; including being good neighbours to people in need, challenging injustice, concerns about public life, supporting community development and action for justice — in Britain and worldwide, building partnerships with others we share common values with, and acting in ways that contribute to the care of the earth.

We are a mix of a virtual email community — who can respond to requests for help/ attendance at events and a smaller group of people who meet to explore how the Sheffield Circuit can respond to a variety of " social" issues.

From time to time, the MAG organises meetings to raise awareness or enable discussion within the Circuit about issues related to Justice and Peace (eg. overseas development; climate change; Israel/Palestine). Sometimes it promotes within the circuit activities arranged by other groups (eg. Church Action on Poverty; Fair Trade; Hallam Peace and Justice; One Sheffield, Many Cultures) . Details of such events can be found on the circuit calendar and Facebook page.

To join our mailing list please contact Sean Ashton:

What areas do we cover ?

  • Fair-trade — we are the fair-trade steering group for the circuit
  • The Environment
  • Poverty
  • Inequality
  • Peace
  • Asylum concerns
  • Impact from cuts to local government services provision

    Please let us know what else you are interested in.

    Current focuses include:
    One Sheffield, Many Cultures (OSMC)

    "One Sheffield Many Cultures promotes the unity of our city. Our events and publicity celebrate the contribution by people from all communities and backgrounds to the wellbeing of Sheffield. We also celebrate Sheffield's proud tradition of opposition to racism, bigotry and prejudice. We urge people from all walks of life in the city to speak with one voice in support of 'One Sheffield Many Cultures'"

    Contact Anne Hollows:

    Church Action on Poverty (CAP)
    CAP is part of a national movement which campaigns on issues including Payday lenders, food and fuel poverty, living wage etc. CAP encourage Churches to remember issues of Poverty and Homelessness during P and H week in January/February

    CAP Sheffield would like to establish tighter links with the Circuit and explore ways of sharing resources to strengthen the voice to the wider city and churches about issues of poverty.

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